Associate your
tasks and to-dos
with a place

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Powerful interface

We flipped the interface upside down, so everything will be on the tip of your finger

Associate with a Place.

If you want a reminder about a todo when you come somewhere, associate the task with a place.
How it works?

Set a reminder

Set the time when the notification should appear.

Set the repeat period

You can set the repeat period for your tasks. It’s a useful feature in various cases, e.g. breaking or creating a habit.

How does it work?

Beacon is an antenna that generates a bluetooth signal. The phone is constantly looking for such signals and, when in the range, tells that to TaskPlace app. The app shows you the notifications associated with the current place.Buy the beacons
Low Energy Bluetooth technology is very energy-efficient. It has almost no effect on the charge of your phone and the beacon itself works with 2 regualar AA batteries, that will last for up to one year.